Learning about the business end of the beast

Sales meetings are a lot more fun when you have something brand new to talk about. Some of the key points coming up in reference to Digital Inkjet Web Technology are:

-Shorter runs at similar price points when compared to offset.
-The ability to keep a books content alive as trends and technology change. (If you are into instruction manuals and medical books with color illustrations and photos, this is for you)
-A cash flow that leaves money available for other projects, payroll, or paying off that other company you owe money to.
-My personal favorite is versioning (apparently not a word in spell check) Think the same basic sweater with zippers on some, buttons on another and the choice of a variety of different colors. This is what you can do the guts and cover of a book by just submitting another set of files with the same specs (or basic sweater). There are no plates and no hard repetitive content because the ink is JETTED onto the paper at 650 feet per minute.

I know that this is only the second post, and I hope to pick things up a bit as the sales process of this printer picks up and as I start watching jobs fire out of it back into the rolls.

Talk to you soon. In the mean time, please shoot me a message if you have anything to add. This is new stuff and I'm hoping to create some dialog.

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