Education Publishing and the Inkjet Web

Education Content Developers get excited. On a national level, there are different standards for every state that need to end in the achievement of the same goals.

Did that make sense?

Well I'm willing to bet that if you develop content for the education world, you know exactly what I mean. Heck if you are in the education world at any level you probably know what I mean.

I'm a former teacher, granted I was an art teacher, but you better believe I was paying attention to the Maryland State Assessment tests, and the VSC when writing lesson plans. I couldn't imagine attempting to write content that could be used on a national level, much less the idea of producing one textbook, program, disk or SMART board application that could keep all the standards happy.

While digital alleviates many of these issues by simply hiding some content or selecting a version that is specific to your state, there is still the textbook. Those of us with good enough jobs to afford the luxury of internet, a computer, and a never ending supply of digital information might forget that most schools still don't have a computer for each student in every single classroom. So what is a curriculum director to do but order textbooks.

This is where Inkjet Web Technology will change the game. When it comes time for the content developers to sell to all 50 states in the union, they can rest assured that they will be able to custom print only the number of textbooks needed for each state or set of standards required. Furthermore this is not Print on Demand (POD) publishing, this is digital short run, with a price point much lower than POD, infact, it is much closer to offset, and from what I can tell, very close to the same print quality.

That will be my rant for the day. I recommend to all that you get your flu shots, I didn't and boy does this stink.



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