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Here is the deal, I'm not going to divulge my motivation for this blog. It should be apparent from a quick google search of my name. I'm not here to get your sales pitch. And I won't give you mine. Unless you want it.

What I want to talk about is inkjet web printing at silly speeds and the future of this technology.

We already know that these machines are recorded at running 650 feet per minute. I'm even told that 650 is only because nothing exists to cut fold blah blah blah. I think they can run faster.

I'm not going to get technical because I myself am about 5 months into the printing industry, and I don't want to look foolish by using the wrong lingo. This by far does not mean that anyone commenting can't use the correct lingo, I'm just trying to keep it simple for now.

Another neat Inkjet web feature is the ability to print full color in runs as short as 200 but up to 1000 without the added cost of plates etc.

But how will my buddy patch the holes on his roof without leftover plates sitting around? I'll tell you when we figure it out.

Last thing for today, because I'm doing this over lunch, BIG PUBLISHERS get ready. If your not already looking into inkjet web technology, I encourage you to keep an eye on me.

More to come this evening or tomorrow morning. Probably morning, it's Discount Pizza Night at the local pub.

End of Post 1

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