In-Line Optimization Station

Stealing a little content from the Kodak site. This unit is currently being installed and who says it better than the people developing it. 

PROSPER In-line Optimization Station
For those printers who require an almost unlimited portfolio of papers, Kodak is developing the PROSPER In-line Optimization Station, a pre-treatment module as an addition to the PROSPER Press Platform. This technology will enable the optimization of almost any standard paper and is designed to provide a robust and flexible option to printers of short-run jobs with variable paper requirements and specifications. The In-line Optimization Station, which will be available commercially in early 2011, can be integrated into the PROSPER Press or, alternatively, can be operated independently as a near-line coating module.
Kodak’s In-line Optimization Station is designed to deliver optimal image quality and consistent operation, allow the widest possible choice of substrate and maintain high levels of speed and productivity. The pre-treatment process optimizes existing paper designs to create an appropriate surface for the physical requirements of inkjet printing, including aqueous pigment based inks, evaporative drying, ink adhesion and gloss, without affecting other paper properties.

After investigating a wide range of application methods, including inkjet deposition and spray coating, Kodak developed a roll coating method that achieves a consistent application of pre-treatment fluid accurately and reliably. The water-based pre-treatment fluids contain adhesion-promoting additives that can be customized depending on the specific paper stock being treated. The system provides paper flexibility, allowing for the pre-treatment of virtually any paper surface, whether coated or uncoated, and from matte to silk to glossy finishes. It ensures high quality print by delivering consistent coverage of pre-treatment fluid across the entire web, as well as ease of use and excellent performance on press.

“The In-line Optimization Station provides an efficient solution allowing printers to use the widest possible range of standard offset and commercially available inkjet papers,” said Anir Dutta, Inkjet Printing Systems Product Manager, Kodak. “The option to optimize a wide variety of paper stocks provides our customers with substrate flexibility allowing them to maximize productivity and achieve optimal image quality.”


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