All Titles In One Workflow – Digital Inkjet Technology Makes It Work

The next-generation of stream inkjet technology finally delivers the promise of cost
effective short-run digital color printing to the publishing industry. The Kodak Prosper 5000XL produces offset class output, up to 175 LPI at extremely fast speeds that yield millions of color pages per day. Bringing you these benefits at an exceptionally low cost of operation, up to 50-70% less expensive than current cut-sheet digital machines.

At the facility I work for, we have the option to also run on color iGens and B/W Nuvera presses as well as the Kodak Prosper. Ultimately we can handle the entire list of titles from one publisher, no matter the run length.

For larger orders, traditional offset on a 36” 2-color heat set web press, 55” and 50” 2-color perfecting presses and the 26” 6-color perfecting press.

What I scream to publishers is that it is now time to evaluate your production and distribution process:

How many titles print in color,
and how many are black and white
How many copies are ordered of each book
How many copies of each book are trashed
and don’t forget…
How much do you currently pay in storage fees

After evaluating these factors, the production team and I can develop a plan to place each and every book into an easy to order work flow where you see improved ROI and minimized obsolescence at the end of the year.

Please leave any comments or messages. I need to hear the your opinion. 

Have a great week everyone! 

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